Wednesday, March 19

Love these lights! :-)

Thanks, Jamie. Much appreciated, and hope you have a good week!

Morris, NC

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Wednesday, March 19

this wonderful little light is the Safety Light DuraLightPro Vision, Flashing Strap Light.

These are truly wonderful little lights. My 3 new ones are to replace one I (oops) ran over in my car. Nothing else quite like them, I\’d say.
Please keep making them.
Paddlin\’ on

Ann, Texas

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Wednesday, March 19

Keeping my dog safe!

Wanted you to know that the Safety Light is keeping my dog safe! He is a 14 pound white as snow Coton De Tulear and with all the snow we have had this year I wanted someway to mark him in daylight and at night in the event that he strays a bit outside of his usual territory. All the neighbors know know it is Kramer and keep an eye out for him. Thanks for your product!
Mary, Illinois, USA

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