Monday, April 7

Getting Attention at a Distance

I have been a member of the Wisconsin Polka Boosters since 1990.  I make signs out of plastic and PVC cause it’s easy to cut.  I use glitter glue because it shines at night and won’t wash off.

The problem was I couldn’t get any lite of the sign until I found your product… I would have used electric cord, I didn’t want electric cord for distance. This product is perfect.  It runs up the 200ft driveway and distance is perfect for advertising.

Thank you for this product.

Arnold P., WI

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Monday, April 7

Batteries That Outlast Memory

My story of “how I used your safety light”, is not about me, but how the lite has served me. For 2 nites I have failed to turn the lite off.   Memory.  83 Years old.  How long (hours) will the battery power last!!?

Warren S., OH

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Monday, April 7

A Princess’ First Bike

This is my story about how I use “Safety Light-Flashing Strobe”…

I purchased this little light on 7/12/04… This is the first light I an getting for my 3 year olds first 12inch bike.  I wanted it to be really special so I bought her a new Disney Princess bike (with training wheels of course!) and I purchased several items to match including a helmet, knee and elbow pads, a little horn and this light.  This little flashing light was perfect because it matched her bike so well and most importantly was bright enough to see leaving me feeling comfortable that she would be seen if out in the evening, not to mention the fact that it’s purple; which happens to be her favorite color right now. So now that we have the whole package of riding gear, needless to say, the little one is happy AND SAFE!

Aleisha H., NY

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Tuesday, March 4

A Nose SOOO Bright

We do extensive decorating for the Christmas holidays to include wire formed lighted animals.  One of these animals is a large buck deer whose head moves side to side. We purchased one of your intense flashing lights (safety light) and clipped it to the nose of the buck deer, transforming it into “RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER”. This has been a delight to children and adults throughout the area.

Your product is well made and engineered.


Ken T., UT

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Tuesday, March 4

Doggy Durable

We love our safety lights!  We live in an area with no street lights, and often walk the dogs out in the desert behind our home.  Your lights have been a life saver.  They allow us to see the dogs running ahead of us, and also allow any traffic traveling along our road to spot us coming.  They have performed well when wet, as we found out when our cocker spaniel took a midnight swim in a local pond!  Thank your for dreating a product that has multiple uses, lasts a long time, and is durable to survive puppy chews, and lots of dirt!

Best of luck with the continued marketing of this product.  Perhaps you would consider putting some on a clip strip… for a trial run with other pet owners.


Lisa R., UT

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Monday, March 3

Lighting up the Relay for Life

Just wanted to let you know how I had fun with your saftey light.  Our family is very involved with the Relay for Life which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

The Relay is a 24 hour event where teams compete to to raise money and awareness to fight cancer.  A member from each team is walking around a track for 24 hours.  During the night, 2 wear lots of flashing lights for the fun of it and everyone knows it’s me. (Thanks to your safety lights).

Our Relay for Life raised over $146,000 and our team raised over $29,000.  We work very hard and have lots of fun too! We hope to eliminate the dreaded disease-cancer.

Yours Truly,

Violet S., MI

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Monday, March 3

Night Grillin’

I was working late one night and got hungry for some charcoal grilled pork chops.  I had just bought a CX-400 Clip Light and decided to give it a try. I lit some charcoal , put on some big thick chops and grilled them to juicy perfection thanks to illumination from the clip light on my cap and my special sauce.


Tony M., PA

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Wednesday, February 27

Here Comes the Queen

I am a member of Dames Aflame, our local chapter of the International Red Hat Society, in fact, I was elected Queen Mother.  This group is for more “mature” (nice name for older) women over 50 who refuse to bow to the gradual decay of advancing years, and have an ATTITUDE. It’s based on Jenny Joseph’s poem “When I am an old women, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me…” etc.

We thumb our noses at conventional activities and thrive on the daring, proudly wearing our passionate purple outfits with outlandish red hats.

I, as the Queen Mother, am privileged to wear a rhinestone crown – complete with my added touch of my purple flashing strobe light! Nobody will dare to ignore me!

Incidentally, I am 88 years old (but I suspect I never really grew up.)


Luisa L., CA

“Good Queen Rosie the Rediculous”

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Wednesday, February 27

No Candles Needed

Your safety light is great. I have used it on my bicycle for years, but this year I had a carved Halloween pumpkin with green cloth hair and I used it in the pumpkin.  It was a great hit with the kids. Thank you for a fun product.

Sister Mary S., OR

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Wednesday, February 27

Cheering for the Home Team

I bought 10 orange safety lights today because I live in Syracuse, NY and our college basketball team is playing in the final 4 this weekend and the entire town of Syracuse is going crazy! Everyone is a Syracuse University Basketball Fanatic…

Our Orangemen are the pride of our city and we are having a huge Syracuse Basketball party on Saturday night to watch the Final 4.  We want to win it all and I am going to give the first 10 people to show up at our house an orange safety light to wear during the game.  Of Course I am keeing one for myself.

I thought these safety lights would be a unique party favor and create alot of conversation.

P.S.  I could use a few more orange ones!!


Melissa B., NY

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