Thursday, February 5

LX-4000 Safety Lights

Dear Fun,

I received your product, the LX-4000 Safety Light, yesterday and I have had so much fun using it! My dog, Slate, and I walk the narrow windy streets of our city before sunrise and after sunset each day. If walking the dark wasn’t reason enough to use your product, we are located in the land of Silicon Valley hi-tech workers who drive electric cars. Sometimes electric cars are very difficult to hear coming up from behind. I put one light on Slate’s harness and decided to wear a second light on the back of belt.

I even use your light as a hair clip and everyone comments about the light. Not only am I safer, but I’m having fun connecting with people in my community!

Thank you.

Lois, San Carlos, California

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Tuesday, March 4

Emergency Prepared

This light is to become part of an emergency pack.  I am currently taking a CERT ( Civilian Energency Response Team) class.  This light could be a useful tool in case of some sort of disaster where buildings are damaged and I have to search for casualties.  I plan on purchasing a couple more of these lights in different colors to add to the pack (I purchased red already).  CERT is a program sponsored by FEMA.  You can learn more about it by logging on to and click on Citizen Corps.

Thanks for your interest.


Mendi B., MO

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Tuesday, March 4

Worryfree Horseback Riding

When horseback riding at night I clip the safety light either on my belt or horse bridle and don’t worry about cars not seeing us.

Brenda P., AR

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Monday, March 3

Safety at the Cross Walk

I have been looking for a safety light for a long time, you see I am a crossing gaurd and before we changed the clocks over to daylight savings time it was dark in the morning when I had to cross the children, also sometimes it is very foggy you see I start work at 7:15am and I need a light so that cars can see me in the middle of the street crossing the children, and now I am happy I found your product. It will help me and the children I cross stay safe.

Mrs. Barbara C., TX

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Wednesday, February 27

Safety at Intersections

Six years ago they amputated my left leg below the knee.

I am in a wheelchair.  If I wear my leg alot it is very painful. I can go almost anywhere in the metro area in my wheelchair.

My wheelchair is a workout machine so I use it alot. I have to cross busy intersections in the dark.  Two people have been killed crossing the street here at Christmas.

I have three of your little lights that I use on my chair.  I have two of them on the front at a 45 degree angle to the front. The third is up on the back.

Roger C., CO

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Wednesday, February 6

Safety While Running

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