Tuesday, November 8

illuminate 80 lumen torch , wow what a difference

Being a runner and training in South Florida requires starting at 4am or so for long run and it dark. Recently it was dark and I did not see a pot hole of course I fell and was out for a bit. When I started running again one of the girls had this great little flashlight giving out lots of light. I asked her and it was a illuminate 80 lumen torch , wow what a difference it has made for my early morning run. Thank you as I now feel safer with using it. Its lightweight and rechargeable. I don’t leave home without it.
Jorge A Casanas, Maimi Florida

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Tuesday, June 30

Sunlight USB Rechargeable

The Sunlight USB rechargeable is by far the best running light we have ever tested!


Owner, Elite Runners and Walkers, PA

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Tuesday, March 4

A Poem to Inspire

We’re two “seventyish” old ladies,
Who walk “early” every morning.
We clip on our “flashing strobes,”
To give others warning…
We walk around a lake,
But we must take care
Because we have seen
Coyotes, deer and bear…
Through all kinds of weather
We walk every day,
Electrical storms and below zero temps
Will only keep us away…
Most of our friends
Say we have lots of guts,
Then there are others
Who think we are “nuts”…
Wearing our flashing strobes
Makes everything just right,
Exercise and fresh air
We sleep well each night…
Gladys K., PA
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