Tuesday, November 8

illuminate 80 lumen torch , wow what a difference

Being a runner and training in South Florida requires starting at 4am or so for long run and it dark. Recently it was dark and I did not see a pot hole of course I fell and was out for a bit. When I started running again one of the girls had this great little flashlight giving out lots of light. I asked her and it was a illuminate 80 lumen torch , wow what a difference it has made for my early morning run. Thank you as I now feel safer with using it. Its lightweight and rechargeable. I don’t leave home without it.
Jorge A Casanas, Maimi Florida

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Tuesday, July 7

LX-4000 Safety Lights

The LX-4000 safety lights are incredible. We have been carrying the DuraVisionPro line for many years. The performance speaks for itself. Lightweight with good grip clip that easily attaches to a seat post mount.

Bike shop, Long Island, NY

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Tuesday, June 30

Sunlight USB Rechargeable

The Sunlight USB rechargeable is by far the best running light we have ever tested!


Owner, Elite Runners and Walkers, PA

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Thursday, February 5

LX-4000 Safety Lights

Dear Fun,

I received your product, the LX-4000 Safety Light, yesterday and I have had so much fun using it! My dog, Slate, and I walk the narrow windy streets of our city before sunrise and after sunset each day. If walking the dark wasn’t reason enough to use your product, we are located in the land of Silicon Valley hi-tech workers who drive electric cars. Sometimes electric cars are very difficult to hear coming up from behind. I put one light on Slate’s harness and decided to wear a second light on the back of belt.

I even use your light as a hair clip and everyone comments about the light. Not only am I safer, but I’m having fun connecting with people in my community!

Thank you.

Lois, San Carlos, California

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Wednesday, March 19

Love these lights! :-)

Thanks, Jamie. Much appreciated, and hope you have a good week!

Morris, NC

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Wednesday, March 19

this wonderful little light is the Safety Light DuraLightPro Vision, Flashing Strap Light.

These are truly wonderful little lights. My 3 new ones are to replace one I (oops) ran over in my car. Nothing else quite like them, I\’d say.
Please keep making them.
Paddlin\’ on

Ann, Texas

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Wednesday, March 19

Keeping my dog safe!

Wanted you to know that the Safety Light is keeping my dog safe! He is a 14 pound white as snow Coton De Tulear and with all the snow we have had this year I wanted someway to mark him in daylight and at night in the event that he strays a bit outside of his usual territory. All the neighbors know know it is Kramer and keep an eye out for him. Thanks for your product!
Mary, Illinois, USA

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Saturday, February 5

Clip Lights that Clip to Anything

Well hello there light people. I am writing you a story about my clip on light.  I got my first clip light in New Orleans during jazz fest.  It was perfect for the night rides by the river and venue to venue. Now I don’t actually clip the light on to my bike, nor my helmet.  I find the best location for me is clipped on my halter top right between my cleavage.  Because of the fip around action of the light it clips on and aims straight where my torso is looking. I continued to use the light in San Francisco clipping in a variety of ways.  It made it through several festivals including Burning Man, then alas, my first light was lost when my backpack fell off my bike in Amsterdam.

Never fear back in New Orleans this year I picked another one up and am happy cleavage clipping and lighting my way again.

Thanks for the novel design which allows me to light my way…

Thanks so much,

Ginger S., CA

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Wednesday, February 2

Vintage Riding

I came to your light via a comet! A 1955 Comet Bicycle that is.  I have a collection of vintage bicycles, and recently added a 1955 Comet that I bought not for the bike, but for the headlight and generator that was on it.

I poliches and refurbished the generator and headlight and installed them on another bike, a 1979 Raleigh 3-speed.  Riding at night through the local country roads on many Sultry Summer Nights was just sublime.  The troubles and trials of the work day melted awayas the generator hummed in concert with the crickets and the wind.  However on these roads I was never completely alone.  Occasionally a car would come from behind a even though the bike has reflectors I could not help feeling invisible to a coffee drinking, cell phone chatting, radio listening, GPS checking, distracted motorist with a minivan full of kids watching SHREK on a DVD.

After a few rides I went to my local bike shop and bought one of your clip on flashing strobe lights.  I did not want anything attached permanently to the bike as I like the bike to have an authentic feel to it.  I vintage tail light is too dim to alert todays innattentive motorists to the presence of a slow moving vehicle ahead.

With your strobe light clipped to the tool bag on the bike I headed out at dusk with the lights flashing.  Even before dark approaching motorists slowed and gave me a wide berth.  There is something about the flashing that seems to get a response that a continuous output light does not.

Thanks for the great product….


Robert S.,NJ

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Monday, April 7

Getting Attention at a Distance

I have been a member of the Wisconsin Polka Boosters since 1990.  I make signs out of plastic and PVC cause it’s easy to cut.  I use glitter glue because it shines at night and won’t wash off.

The problem was I couldn’t get any lite of the sign until I found your product… I would have used electric cord, I didn’t want electric cord for distance. This product is perfect.  It runs up the 200ft driveway and distance is perfect for advertising.

Thank you for this product.

Arnold P., WI

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