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Fun Source L.L.C. under the DuraVisionPro brand has been helping to keep consumers, civilians, associates, workers, professionals and sports enthusiasts safe since for over 15 years. Please review the cool products below:

Top Achievers
LX-4000 Safety Lights earns tops selling spotlight for 2014 and 2015. Versatile, lightweight and blazing bright with a grip strong clip.
180PRO earns second best item surpassing the Original Safety Light.

LX-4000 Family Addition
LX-4000 Set
We paired the top selling safety light with 4 blazing red leds with a white led model. Clip the white led in the front to see and be seen and the red led to the rear band of your running shorts. For the cyclist and tri athlete, bike mounts are available. See more.

New Product: USB Rechargeable
USB rechargeable series is here!
The Sunlight includes the USB cable and throws an 80 lumen beam. Read More.

The USBMini series includes a USB cable and throws a 40 lumen beam. The USB Mini is available with Red LEDs or White LEDs. The smallest, lightest and brightest in its category.

Lightning Mini Safety Light Collection
Impressive and fun safety lights worn on running shoes, running and baseball caps, belts and more...
The gift set includes, one red led lightning mini, one white led lighting mini, one ultra-light reflective belt with assorted lightning mini silicone strap sizes.

Read More .